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'Seasons' Competition Illustration Charlotte Bayliss
'Seasons' Competition Illustration Charlotte Bayliss

Field of Dreams - 'Seasons'


A single illustration was submitted for the Seasons Art Competition by King House Gallery, Stratford Upon-Avon, United Kingdom.

This piece made it into the semi-finalists round and was exhibited in the "Seasons" Online Exhibition.


“Seasons” Art Competition called for artists worldwide, from December 2020 to January 2021, to share their feelings towards one or more seasons of the year. “There is always something about a specific season of the year that attracts people and makes them wait, linger - or dread it..."

"Covid-19 brought many worries towards myself and many others especially uncertainty towards the end of my university degree. This piece represents my personal feeling towards the summer of 2020 where I found myself reaching out for ways to keep my mind occupied with peaceful and pleasant thoughts rather than overcome with worries, such as looking forward to seeing friends, online or socially distanced chats, exploring my local areas on long walks with family, experimenting with photography and relaxing in the garden as it has grown and bloomed.

This piece was heavily inspired by a trip to a confetti field but also acts as a reminder of the importance of keeping relationships with people, as it was those people that helped me to feel positive when times felt tough and enjoy those summer days."

(Edited Description from Exhibition 2021)

'Seasons' Competition Illustration Charlotte Bayliss
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